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Tater as a puppy


(photo credit Michelle Maupin Barrett Photography (thanks for this adorable picture of Tater, click the photo to see her site) 

General Information:


       Included: puppy with AKC limited registration, all age appropriate vaccines and worming, vet check up, puppy culture training and socialization protocols done in our home, 1 week puppy food, toy/blanket, started on leash, house, crate training and much more, life time support. We are always available if you have questions as you raise your new family member. 

Puppies stay with us until 10 weeks of age. These extra 2 weeks are spent helping your puppy grow into a more confident member of the family. They are incredibly important. We will go on car rides, practice resource guarding prevention, leash walking, crate desensitization, experiencing new places and much more. While it is impossible for a breeder to fully prepare a puppy for their new home, we do take this very seriously and do all we can to help the transition be smooth. See our "Puppy Raising Process" (click text to view page) for more information.

We ask that you respond to these questions when inquiring about your next family member. Please copy and paste the following into an email and send it to

Puppy Questionnaire: 
Describe your ideal corgi (please include gender, color, temperament and energy level):

Do you intend to show your puppy or do you want to participate in dog sports? 

Are you a breeder? (Typically we sell with a spay and neuter contract. Please specify if you are seeking something else)

What's something you enjoy doing in your home and out of your home? (examples, hiking, playing board games, fishing, running, sports, training, agility etc.. I want an idea of your family's pace of life to help find the best fit for your family) 

How do you plan to handle nipping, biting and other puppy behaviors? 

Do you have experience with herding breeds? 

How do you house train a dog?

Who else lives in your household? (Please include pets and people)

We now give families the option of puppies from the litter that we feel would best fit their lifestyle and wants (we do take gender and color desires into consideration but we do not sell based on color alone). You may occasionally be offered only one puppy from that litter if we feel we only have 1 that fits your family. If you choose not to select a puppy from the options you are given your deposit is not refundable but can be rolled over to another litter. Do you agree to this? (We do not accept deposits till puppies are confirmed via ultrasound)

We will contact you from the time puppies are born and update you multiple times (we aim for daily updates but will do at least 3 times a week via group text), but you will not know which puppy is yours until around 8 weeks of age. This is at the breeders discretion. We always reserve the right to first pick from every litter. Do you agree to this?

We strongly recommend our families take the puppy culture
“Bringing Home Puppy” (click the text to see the course). It is a simple video course. It is $99 and is not included in your purchase price. 

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